Love the blog! Thanks for the great mix of advice and sexy captions! You’ve convinced me, I want to get a cock cage. Where should I start? I’m single though, how does it work, any advice for my situation? Thanks!

Thank you!!! Okay, I guess you haven’t seen my new Chastity Cage Reviews page (I think it’s easy to miss on mobile or if you’re just visiting the site via Tumblr dashboard – go to to see all the extra bits I’ve been adding.

First cage? Get the CB-6000S

What that tells you is we highly recommend starting where we did, which is with the CB-6000S plastic cage, the one you’ve seen everywhere I’m sure. This one because it comes with 25 different spacing options so you learn (and adjust) to what sizing you need, which is the biggest challenge at first. And the S (for small cage length) because unless you’re well hung, you want to be snugly in that thing.

We recommend you buy from Lovehoney because they offer a 365 day money back guarantee so if you find it’s too small or want to try a different cage, you can just send it back and get a full refund or credit against another cage. You even get a sticker in each delivery already prepaid to send it back!

More than that, I know people are nervous about trying it, but for me, their discrete service and the fact that if you find you don’t like it you can get a full refund without any question (their customer service team are AMAZING although you can just fill out an online form) just means you can take the plunge trying this out for yourself without any risk at all (well besides the risk you’ll love this and get totally addicted to having your cock locked up lol).

They’re also offering a free chastity ‘care kit’ at the moment but honestly, apart from the toy cleaner, which is always useful, more plastic tags and a bag to keep it in isn’t that exciting.

Ideas for chastity when you’re single

As to the chastity when single part, it’s a bit trickier as I’ve only got experience of doing it with hubby. But from what I read there are a few options. Firstly just try it for yourself, enjoy the feeling of your cock all secure turning you on. 

Then you can try some ways of restricting your access. The plastic tags are really good for this actually (maybe that care kit is useful although you get a few with it anyway) – but having to actually cut it off to get to yourself is psychologically harder than just unlocking a padlock, I think.

If you are using keys you can do things like freeze them in water in a glass bottle so you have to wait for it to thaw to get the keys out, removing your ability to impulse take it off. Or with a plastic cage you could even mail them to yourself! (I only suggest this for plastic, not metal, as ultimately you could break the cage off in an emergency).

There are those kitchen safes which have a timelock on them too, which lots of people seem to use.

And then there’s people. There are online keyholder services or if you have a close friend you talk to about this stuff, they could do it (just be very sure they would be okay with being involved. 

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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