Love the blog… so much “inspiration” Wife and I starting down this journey of male chastity… We both work a lot. Have kids running around. Clean up? Any fun ideas for this functional task? How often? Do you all use a ritual, supervised or honor system? What have you all found to clean the area without removing? Appreciate any help u can offer!!

Thanks for the lovely comments! I’m not totally sure what you mean by ‘clean up’? You mean him washing his cock while caged I guess?

So, it varies. With a plastic cage you really need to be doing it every day or it gets a bit pongy, so either we do honour system of him taking it off to go shower (it’s hardly ‘honour’ though, he’s very self controlled, he’s not going to suddenly go wank because he’s free…). Or he sometimes squirts a load of shower gel in there and uses the pressure setting in the shower but it always leaves it kind of damp. So taking it off is just easier. Apparently those fixated with never taking it off use cotton buds to dry it out, but seriously who has the time?

On top of that we do have baby wipes which I’ll often give him a little wipe down if I’ve uncaged him to play.

But a good metal cage (apart from the tube ones I guess, we dont’ have those) makes life much easier. He can wash without having to take it off. So problem solved really. He does take it off about once a week to give it a really good scrub and leaves it in the sink while he showers but that’s it. Even when wearing it in the shower though he dries off much better as there’s so much more air getting to him.

This, besides looking sexy, and being more secure is the biggest advantage of metal cages.

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