Locktober Day 7


Size matters

So, a bit of a niche one today but this is a very common fantasy for guys who are into chastity so maybe it’ll give you some ideas of ways to explore it.

Cock size teasing… that’s the focus of today. It’s one of the more complex aspects of this whole area of kink and honestly I don’t completely understand it (in fact if anyone wants to give me some explanations or point me to some, I’d be really interested!).

What I do know is that hubby tells me he likes it when combined with cage play, and from looking on tumblr it’s pretty popular – so, what the hell, let’s see what I can come up with.

I’ve had some lovely feedback on readers enjoying the private blogs they’ve set up so we’ll make use of that again.

Tell hubby his homework before tonight is to blog a series of pictures on the theme of ‘cock size’ keep it that vague, it’ll be interesting to see what he chooses. You can do this too if you want but the main idea is him to find them.

Then tonight when he’s restrained again, while he’s still caged, look at them together.

Talk about it, and tease and play with his nipples and balls as you do. Ask him if it’s a turn on, and why (I’d LOVE to hear some of those answers!). Then let him out of the cage, and start to play with his cock. 

Tell him you’re going to play a game, he has to say whether his cock is below average, or above average in size. Get a tape measure or ruler and measure his erect length and circumference, and then go to:


and compare him to the average (I won’t say it here just to keep it a surprise). If he was right he gets a few edges over the course of the evening, if he was wrong you can play and tease him but not edge him before he goes back in the cage later.

(The mean version of this is not to get him to guess, simply reward him if he’s bigger than average, or punish him if smaller. Might be useful if he’s obviously smaller.)

Once it’s been decided if he gets edges or not, the fun begins for you. No matter how big he is, you’re going to try teasing him about it. Here’s some things to try saying and doing:

To kick off start with playing with him and then saying, ‘I do love your cock, I really do, but now those pictures earlier have got me thinking about how a bigger one might feel’.Go down and lick my clit while I do some more research’

Try not to cum yet while he licks you, you’ll see why.

Then, if you dare, visit this tumblr: http://monstercocklove.tumblr.com/ (as with any blog, quality varies so just skip the ones you don’t like, but it was the best I could find for now).

He mustn’t touch his cock without your permission. Keep his hands up with you. If you’re curious (I just had this idea and now I am…) try putting a plate or something underneath his cock and see if he actually drips as he eats you out and you tease him. (I’ll leave it to your imagination what to do with any mess he does leave 😛  )

Give a running commentary and sound shocked at the size of what you see (you won’t have to fake this!!!). You could turn it and show him a few as he sucks on your clit. If you prefer video this one seemed pretty hot : http://www.xvideos.com/video7170853/big_dicks_and_horny_bitches_vol_4 If you decide you’ve seen enough but want the licking to continue, try putting that on and making him watch it while licking you.

Here’s some things to say. Listen to him groan as you say it if you’re not sure it’s a turn on… lol

  • ‘Oh my god darling, these are huge!’
  • It’s not just black guys with big cocks either!
  • Wow, condoms don’t even go halfway down these! 
  • ‘So this explains how all those positions we couldn’t do are possible, your cock just isn’t big enough’
  • Oh wow, I wonder how that feels?
  • ‘I bet if you were that big I’d cum from you just fucking me’
  • If I ever got three wishes I know what my first one would be now!
  • It’s a good think you’re so good at licking, I don’t even need your small cock nowadays
  • This girl can’t even get her mouth around this one, wow!
  • ‘Do you wish you were that big baby? I bet you wouldn’t want to be locked up in a cage if you were.
  • is it bad this is really turning me on honey? 
  • ‘If you were that big I’d be your little bitch, wouldn’t I. It’d be me who was desperate for it, all the time.
  • ‘Really darling, until you got me trying this I didn’t even know cocks could be so huge, and how small you are in comparison. I don’t think many of these would even fit in a cage! Maybe this is just how you’re meant to be, your cute, little cock locked up, maybe it’s how nature has ordained it!’

Now, depending what toys you have your options open up.

Say something like, ‘I need to cum, but with something big in me’.

If you have a dildo that is bigger than him tell him to get it, you could have him use it on you, but I think it would be hotter to make him stay down there and watch you use it. If you are turned on by it, keep looking at the tumblr images, but you don’t have to. You decide if you want to let him rub hmself while you fuck yourself, or not touch. Make sure to comment on how good it feels, and every so often pull it out and either make him lick you again, or even make him suck the dripping dildo!

If you have a strap on then you can use it initially as a dildo like that, and then make him put it on and fuck you with it, or it’s more dominant to make him lie back and ride it while he wears it. This also lets you sink down on it and reach behind and play with him, which is very sexy. If you get tired out make him do the work, wearing or holding it.

If you don’t have either, find something else you could use, even if it involves going to the shop and getting a cucumber and some condoms, seriously! (Or make HIM go and buy just that if you think that would be funny lol)

If you can cum from just fucking it, even if you’ve vibed or rubbed your clit most of the time, then it’s a huge mind fuck for him. We occasionally cum just from fucking (didn’t ever until I started seriously doing kegel exercises) but with a bigger dildo it happens more frequently.

Play with him too and edge him if he won the size game earlier.

Just remember, it’s simply a toy. Don’t feel bad about this, he LOVES to see you getting pleasure. Strap on, dildo, cucumber, whatever, it’s like a vibrator, that does something he can’t, in this case it’s not vibrating, but just size.

Once you’ve cum (a few times?) make him clean it, or share the job of cleaning the dildo with your mouths. Maybe you clean it and he licks you clean? Watching you lick your juices off the dildo might just melt his brain, I warn you now lol

Finally I think he might need some snuggling. Finish off telling him that was really hot but you do love his cock, and no toy compares to the feeling of connectedness when he’s inside you. If he was bigger than average remind him of that, and that he worries about size because he used to watch too much porn. And then use that as a reminder that he has to get back in his cage.

Finally, you may want to let him know, or not, but the plan is that tomorrow is his last day of relative freedom. After tomorrow night’s edging he’s not going to be allowed out of his cage, for any reason apart from emergencies, for a week. Yep, we’re getting serious now! But I’ll explain more of that tomorrow. Also, as I warned last week, you’ll want a butt plug for him for tomorrow’s last edging activities.

PS if your fella is huge, and none of this is relevant at all (you’d be surprised though, even big guys apparently like this) you COULD reverse it all and say you wish he was smaller and that you like him caged so you can enjoy toys that are the perfect size. Also, you’re a lucky bitch! lol

I’d forgotten I did such a long post on this topic for Locktober – reblogging for interest!

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