Locktober Day 4

A sexy evening and an ongoing resource

The first task today is something that hubby suggested, and is actually how I got into Tumblr in the first place at his prompting but have never actually suggested on this blog – a shared, secret Tumblr blog for the two of you!

The idea is that you can both be browsing Tumblr and when you find something that you think is sexy, you reblog it to your private blog for the two of you to share, you can add notes, or even use it to write new posts with ideas for the two of you, and it acts like a little journal too. It’s really great.

On the website you should find if you click the little person icon that there’s a not very obvious ‘+ new’ option. On the app on the account page there’s a ‘Create a new blog’ link. Set it up, make it private so that only the two of you can see it, and then when it’s made, click ‘members’ to invite the other person to it. (I got my hubby to do all that stuff btw, what are men for after all?)

Once you’re done then you’ll find you can click on a link to reblog it and choose if it sends it to your main tumblr, or this secondary one. 

We still use it a lot, hubby posts things that turn him on with a little note about what he likes about it, I post things that I think are beautiful or sexy, and sometimes even stronger messages like ‘You are so doing this to me tonight!’

It’s been a great way to just keep ideas flowing and for us both to keep communication going about the sexy, and romantic side of our relationship, in our own little private place. It’s also made me much happier about him looking at Tumblr (I like it best when he’s caged though) as again, even though there are pictures of other women, he’s now thinking about me and what would turn me on or be fun for both of us – and that’s hot.

I’ll post some suggested blogs to follow later on.

Today’s Denial Task 

So if you’re following the same timing as us it’s Friday, and so this one has a bit more of a relaxed, ‘date night’ feel to it.

I’m assuming you have some kind of screen you can watch in bed. The plan is to start the day with an optional edging in the morning – if you didn’t let him out last night then that might make you more, or less inclined to play this morning – you decide!

Tell him in the morning that you want him to pick some sexy things for you to watch together tonight.

This could be a sexy movie, tv show or some porn that you’d enjoy. I’ll be getting him to pick a few so I can choose, I don’t tend to watch porn but when I’m horny and a bit tipsy I can really get into it, if it’s good, and he’s found some amazing, beautiful, sexy ones for me in the past.

I recommend some of the older stuff from X-art, or there’s http://artserotica.com/ which claims to be romantic porn. Netflix has a ‘Steamy Romance’ section that’s worth trying for films, Game of Thrones or Dawn to Dusk are good for sexy TV.

So, the point of all this is that come the evening, get him to get something playing, then send him to the shower to wash. Let him come back to discover you masturbating (if you dare!). But it doesn’t stop there. Now tell him to go and make you a drink so he has to leave you knowing you’re playing without him. This will drive him crazy.

Now, when he finally comes back with drinks make him go down between your legs and pleasure you,but try not to cum. If you want you can purposefully make him fail – ‘you have five minutes to make me cum or I’m tying you up.’

Really try not to cum, but if you do tell him you’re tying him up anyway, and if you don’t cum tell him he’s failed and the toy is better than him, and restrain him, and then take the toy and watch the tv as you play and he can’t do anything. Enjoy his straining cage, play with his nipples or balls to tease him sometimes, but on the whole, just enjoy the movie for 20 minutes or so. If he whines about being played with just say ‘no’ or threaten not to let him out at all if he keeps that up.

Then, when YOU want, let his cock out, and maybe play enough to get him hard, and then, just leave it again! Go back to him as you want, but focus on yourself. Do what you want basically, but only because you like sucking cock or playing with his dick or letting him lick you still tied.

If you’re feeling mean, get a dildo, and compare it to his cock… then rub or vibe and fuck yourself with it. If he doesn’t stay hard at some points, point it out and how much better a dildo is for that too. ‘Maybe I don’t need your cock, this feel so good, I could just leave you caged honey’

If you have cock rings put them on him to make him ache more, or leave the ring of the cage on, that can work too. If you are watching something with sexy scenes it can be a lot of fun watching if they make him hard and then punishing him for it! Threaten to cage him all weekend if he gets hard looking at other women, or even something like deep heat (menthol rub) on his cock.

Finally, do have some fun edging him and making him tell you how much he loves this.

Just make sure you cum a LOT and he doesn’t at all. Don’t untie him until he’s caged back up, and tell him you want to be woken with him licking you.

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