Locktober 2018 – #4 Hello ruins my old friend

Locktober 2018 – #4 Hello ruins my old friend

Locktober 2018 – #4 Hello ruins my old friend

So, today, we’re going to explore the infamous ‘ruined orgasm’. I’m sure some of you reading this are pros at these already, but for those who aren’t the ruined orgasm is a wonderful tool in our denial handbag because while it lets him empty his balls it doesn’t give him any of the pleasure of a proper orgasm because you stop all stimulation as soon as he goes over the edge of climax (if not before) and he ejaculates, but it’s not pleasurable.

In general it also tends to keep them hornier than they would have been with a full orgasm, but that does vary.

Now the other thing I’m giving you today, is a script! This is something I’ve done a  few times, and the idea is you can use it to tease him, to give you some ideas of things to say, and to inspire you with other stuff you can make up yourself. I’ve also tried to add some relevant pictures and links in too which you can use as much as you want to spice it all up!

Full Lockdown

This can be your first chance to try ruining him in the cage! Get a good vibrator like a mains powered wand vibe, and explore where you can put it on the cage that stimulates him the most (and what speed is most effective).

I know some of you hardcore lot will not want to let him cum, even if it’s ruined, so just play with this as you feel fit and change your mind at the end! Or just lock him up and read it to him as you let him eat you out – it’s called a rehearsal!

You’ll need to adapt the script below as it’s designed for taking the cage off, but I’m sure you can manage that.

Ruined Orgasm Script

To follow it precisely he should start clothed and caged, and you should have his key on a necklace. You’ll want something you can browse on together, and lube to wank him with. Try not to ruin him till the end but if it happens earlier just use it as a chance to see if he can go again!

Oh darling, are you all ready for your surprise? You’ve been so good, I know how horny you’ve been, and your poor cock, all locked up in that cage. I think it’s time for a reward, don’t you?

Let me see how you’re doing in there, strip down and show me. I can’t believe how much I love seeing you locked up in that thing. Isn’t that crazy? You know it actually turns me on now to think of you in it, and to see your poor little cock all safe and secure.

Come lie here, let me hold it.

Mmmm, I love how tight and full your balls get, do they ache baby? Look how full they are, all that cum stored up. Do you think we should empty them out, would that be a good reward? Can you imagine how good it will feel? You like that idea… oh dear, look how hard you’re trying to get. It really turns me on to see that.

See, I’ve got your key on my necklace, do you like that? So near, and yet so far…

Hmmm, maybe I’ll keep you in there just a little longer, my feet need a good rub. You do that while I do a little more research…

Mmm, that feels lovely darling, keep going. Oh this is fascinating. I’m getting very inspired.

What am I researching? I’m not sure I should tell you, it might spoil the surprise! Oh okay, I’m looking at different ways to make you cum! What different ways can you think of?

Oh, those are good, I hadn’t thought of some of them! But yes, what I was researching was actually ruined orgasms. You know, where you cum, well, kind of cum, but I stop all the stimulation just before you do, so I still get to enjoy your cum flowing out, but it’s not like a full orgasm. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

You don’t seem that keen, I wonder why that might be…

The big advantage seems to be that you stay nice and horny afterwards. After all this time getting you so turned on it just seems a waste to lose it all and go back to square one, don’t you think?

Well I do. So I’m hoping that a ruined orgasm might work. What do you think?

Well, if you don’t want a ruined orgasm we can always just keep you caged up. It’s entirely your choice baby. Anyway, one of the blogs I was reading says ‘ruined’ isn’t really a great name for it, it’s just, different!

Look at this baby, isn’t it hot?

Isn’t that amazing, the way it just flows out, rather than spurts! Oh I wonder how that feels? I do love it when you jet out your big thick loads but this is sexy too, don’t you think? Especially if you make those oh so sexy little moans of yours.

Mmm, just thinking about it gets me horny. You can stop on my feet now, that was lovely, thank you. Now, give my pussy some attention while I do more research.

Mmm, that’s it darling, use your mouth on my clit. Oh I’ve found a few blogs JUST about ruined orgasms! Who knew it was so popular?


This one’s French, but it has lots of videos. Mmm, good boy, keep licking me while I watch some. I might even show you some of my favourites.

(Play some of the videos so he can only hear them)

Can you hear it? Aww baby, do you wish you could see all these big cocks getting taken over the edge? Oh I think you’re stretching in that cage quite enough, hearing is enough for you.

Mmmm, that’s so hot. God, can you believe I’m watching videos like this while you go down on me, how hot is that!

Wow, if a cock that big still gets ruined maybe you shouldn’t cum at all? I’m only kidding baby, I’ll still ruin you! In fact, let’s take that cage off and I’ll play with you as I do some more research.

Oh and look, some don’t even take their cages off to do it! Maybe we don’t need to take yours off at all!


Gosh this site is like a wall of ruined orgasms! How does watching them make you feel?

Browse the videos and gifs on that tumblr while you play with his cock

Oh my goodness, look at all these different ways the men are getting their orgasms ruined! I had no idea there were so many options! Mostly they use their hands, but there’s some here where they use their mouths or even their pussy!

Oh that’s so mean, just pulling out right at the end!

Oh my god, look at this one, it’s running out of him like a tap! I wonder if I can make you do that?!

If I’m going to ruin you, I want to do it properly. Hmmm, I wonder which works best. They seem to advise either completely taking my hands away or just holding the base.

Slowly stroke you right to the edge, and keep you there as long as I can. And then, when I think you’ve reached the point of no return just stop stroking and hold you, and watch. I think I might giggle too, is that bad. It’s such a hot mix of being curious and being mean, knowing how good it would feel if I just stroked a little more, and just not doing it, because I can. Because it’s hotter to keep you horny and attentive, than to give you that pleasure you crave so much.

The lovely thing is I can risk taking you over of course. Often when I’m edging you I’m worrying about not taking you too far so I back off a bit, but if I’m going to ruin you anyway I can really go to town trying to keep you on the edge.

But you have to promise to tell me when you’re close, okay? If you spurt and you haven’t’ told me I’ll be cross! I want to see just how close I can get you, and try to keep you there for a bit.

Actually the real trick is stopping and waiting, apparently it can take up to ten seconds for you to go over. The best kind of ruins are supposed to be where I’ve not stroked you right to the edge, but let you just slip over after pausing.

I say ‘best’, what I mean is that they make your cum slowly pour out of you rather than spurt. That’s what I really want to see today, even if it takes a few tries.

Oh, I found another picture, she’s obviously trying it too!

Hah, I love that expression, what do you think she’s saying?

I do like watching, and feeling you spurt but somehow it’s really hot to think of it flowing out of you. I guess it’s a bit like milking you. Milking that thick warm cum out of your aching swollen balls.

Oh yes, that’s a big advantage I didn’t mention did I? Often when you’ve only been ruined, I can just keep going and do it again, and again. Oh maybe I can completely empty your balls! I wonder if that really happens, actually run dry! That would be so hot!

So I’ve read some keyholders only ever let their partners have ruined orgasms! Do you think that’s real or just a fantasy?

Apparently you start to crave even that little bit of release. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine being so desperate you’ll beg to to be ruined, not even to have an orgasm?

Gosh, maybe I’ll like it so much it’s all I’ll let you have in future.

I do love making you cum, but the contrast afterwards is so stark, maybe if a ruined cum means you stay much more horny and attentive then that’s the way to go? I guess we’ll find out.

I’ve decided, I want to ruin you, I want to see how well I can do it.

No? You’d rather have a nice big full orgasm? Well sorry chastity boy, that’s not on offer today. Nope, I can stop now and lock you back up again, or I can ruin you, which would you like it to be?

No, don’t just say it, ask for it, make me believe it. ‘Please ruin my orgasm’.

Mmmm,  l like that. What else can I make you say…’Make me swallow my cum’

Oh that’s hotter when you say it! Just think of all those times you wanted me to swallow, and now it’s your turn. It’s just recycling I guess! Mmm, where on my body would you most like to lick your cum off?

Oh really?! Kinky! I’ll remember that for another day!

I think my favourite idea is me being right on the edge while you fuck me (because that makes me a bit of a bitch, doesn’t it baby, and that’s kind of hot.) And then, instead of cumming you pull out and just let your cock spurt out onto my bottom without touching it at all. It’ll be so frustrating but so hot. You’ll want to slam it back in me to make it feel good but you’ll be so self controlled and just watch your orgasm wasted all over my skin.

Mmm, look at this one, I love it! I bet that would feel so sexy. For me darling, obviously.

But today, yes today I think it’s all about practising.

I want to see if we can just make it ooze out like in those pictures. So what we’re going to do is get you right to the edge, and then I’m going to slide my hand down just as you I think you’re ready to go over. And I’m going to hold it for ten whole seconds, yep, that’s what they recommend. And if you don’t go over, I’ll do it again, and again, and again until we tip you over that edge. Feel free to beg to cum, I’m going to ignore you, but it’s kind of hot hearing you say it.

Now, what shall we watch while we get you there, how about a nice ruined orgasm compilation? Or that wall of ruined orgasms (Pick what you fancy or just search tumblr or pornhub for ‘ruined orgasms’ and see what you get).


Now, I want you to tell me when you’re close, tell me what to do to keep you right on the edge, what feels best. Let’s use more lube, very good.

How full do your balls feel baby, is it going to be good to empty them at last? Is it hot or frustrating I’m just going to ruin it? I have to be honest, the thought is really turning me on.

Hand me my vibe baby, I want to cum while I edge you. Mmmm, that feels so good. And I love knowing I’m going to have a nice big orgasm while you only get ruined. Isn’t that so mean? It’s so hot to be mean nowadays, what have you done to me?

Oh god I’m close, I want to be such a bitch when I’m like this, squeezing your cock in my hand as I masturbate. Mmmmm, I just want to whisper naughty things in your ear as I cum…

(Pick what you fancy from below or just make your own up!)

I fucking love this.

I love keeping your cock in a cage

I love how horny it makes you

I want to keep you like that all the time

Your little cock is my plaything now

Maybe I shouldn’t even ruin you, maybe I should keep you full and desperate

Don’t you cum yet, I cum first, or I’ll make you drink it, is that clear?

Oh I’m really close, get your head down there and finish me, I want to cum on your face.

After you (not he) orgasms

Mmmm, that’s better. Now, where were we, oh yes, ruining you! I can focus at last, heh heh.

Then again, I could just get you to make me cum again and we can lock you back up. You don’t seem that desperate to be ruined, are you?

Really, are you sure, say it again, tell me you want me to ruin your orgasm.

Mmm, I do love how that sounds, come on then…

Now, some more lube and let’s get you right to the edge. Does that feel good baby? I love it when you’re this horny.

Are you ready honey, ready to be ruined?

Finally take him over if you haven’t already!

Oh no, that spurted far too much. Hmm, I wonder how much is still in there. I read on one blog I can ruin you a few times in a row. Let’s see if we can do better this time.

And continue as you wish, locking him back afterwards. Maybe say if you can ruin him four times he can stay out overnight…

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