Locktober 2018 #27

Plugged and ready to go

So as promised, butt plugs are coming into play today in order to get us more relaxed for the weekend.

So, if you’re able to, try getting him wearing it during the day, at least for a while. I find that it acts like a hornyness accelerator. It gets his balls full faster, turns him on more, it’s a brilliant accompaniment to caging.

And of course you can leave it in him for your playtime tonight too. I especially like him wearing it when he’s using the strap on me as it stimulates his prostate as he’s thrusting and he ends up dripping out of his cage, so, SO hot.

Just use today as an opportunity to discuss how it feels and what it does for him. If you have two plugs you can always wear one too, make it a shared experience!

They do take time to get used to, so if it gets uncomfy, just take it out. But give it time to settle, remember to use lots of lube to put it in.

If you’re squeamish about this, and I get that, I really do, please try and just push past it today, just so you can try it out. Particularly on guys the bottom is a source of all kinds of pleasure, and it’s really worth at least trying it out to see if you’re missing out. Taking it out in the shower is the easiest way to have no clean up issues at all, but just babywipes do great otherwise. Alternatively put a condom over it!

So yes, as suggested above, try some strap on sex with him plugged perhaps, a perfect opportunity to remind him soon that the tables will be turned! Or just have him go down on you!

And if all this isn’t for you, just pick something else from this month or have a night off!

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