Locktober 2018 #19

A normal night of chastity!

A nice simple one for today, after the intensity of the post orgasm torture yesterday!

Today’s a taste of how chastity play works for us, on a normal day. When we aren’t trying something new, it’s not a date night, there’s no new toy to try out. So, just a regular evening!

Firstly what’s noteworthy is, he’s there in bed, not up watching some sport or movie or playing some game! Oh yes, that cage around his cock is very good at getting him to bed right on time!

And so, assuming he’s been caged all day, we’d cuddle up in bed. If we’ve sent each other some tumblr posts we’d browse through those (so if you haven’t got that secret shared tumblr sorted yet, do that!).

Then it would vary a little. I’ve really got into this ‘warm me up’ concept a lot during Locktober, so him going down on me before I let him out of his cage is probably going to be on the agenda.

While he’s down there I have a decision to make. Do I just let him pleasure me and make me cum, and not let him out at all, or do I edge him tonight? It used to almost always be the latter. Now I think, I go for just be about a third of the time and it’s hot every time!

Full Lockdown

You just don’t let him out!

I’ll cum, usually two or three times, and just say, ‘thanks baby, that’s all for tonight’ and besides his horny little frustrated groans, that’s it!

But still the majority of the time I’ll get him to come back up before I orgasm, and unlock his cock. I tend to let him rub or vibe me as I grab his growing cock and he kisses my breasts. Maybe I’ll push him back down, because, that’s very, very hot, but mostly I’ll just cum like that, and then it’s my turn to edge him. With my mouth if I fancy it, mostly with my hand and some good lube.

Five or ten minutes of that he’s got to the edge once or twice, and that’s it, I stop!

Give him five minutes for his cock to go down and then it’s cage back on (or leave it off for the night for a break) and we’re done.

Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes longer. Sometimes it’s nothing at all because I’m just too tired or not in the mood.

As long as you make it deliberate, and not just ignoring him, you can even turn your ‘not tonights’ into something sexy.

So try it tonight, a ‘normal’ night of chastity, and see how you like it!

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