Locktober 2017

Only 5 days left until Locktober! What makes this 31 day lock up period different than any other month?
For us it means 31 days of being locked 24/7, no breaks. There is no unlocking for showers, for sex, for teasing, for anything. I am locked in chastity for 31 days straight, with no full erections.

This means 31 days of no sexual pleasure for me. I will only be allowed to go down on her, masturbate her with my hand, or use the strap on. Last year My Love increased her teasing ten fold during these days. There was way more rubbing through the cage, verbal teasing, and even licking her ass.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had my last orgasm,but she did mention she might give me one before the 1st. Truthfully, I don’t want an orgasm. I just want a few hours unlocked before the 1st. But it’s her decision.

Are you celebrating Locktober this year? What does it mean for you? Do you do anything special, or is it just another lockup?

I will be chronicling my month on Tumblr using #locktober2017

We certainly will be, I’ve got posts and tasks planned for every day like we have the last two years, so that’s exciting.
Personally we’re trying the month long lock up too, we’ve never gone that long before without him coming out at all so it’ll be interesting!

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