Locktober 2017 – Day 5

Your secret Tumblr….

The first task today is something that hubby originally suggested, and is actually how I got into Tumblr in the first place at his prompting – a shared, secret Tumblr blog for the two of you!

The idea is that you can both be browsing Tumblr and when you find something that you think is sexy, you reblog it to your private blog for the two of you to share, you can add notes, or even use it to write new posts with ideas for the two of you, and it acts like a little journal too. It’s really great.

On the website you should find if you click the little person icon that there’s a not very obvious ‘+ New’ option. On the phone app on the account page there’s a ‘Create a new blog’ link. Set it up, make it private so that only the two of you can see it, and then when it’s made, click ‘members’ to invite the other person to it. (I got my hubby to do all that stuff btw, what are men for after all?)

Once you’re done then you’ll find you can click on a link to reblog it and choose if it sends it to your main tumblr, or this secondary one.

We still use it a most days, hubby posts things that turn him on with a little note about what he likes about it, I post things that I think are beautiful or sexy, and sometimes even stronger messages like ‘You are so doing this to me tonight!’

It’s been a great way to just keep ideas flowing and for us both to keep communication going about the sexy, and romantic side of our relationship, in our own little private place. It’s also made me much happier about him looking at Tumblr (I like it best when he’s caged though) as again, even though there are pictures of other women, he’s now thinking about me and what would turn me on or be fun for both of us – and that’s hot.

I’ll post how to find blogs to follow later down.

Today’s Denial Task

So once you’ve set up the shared tumblr today’s task is for both of you to find 12 posts each to add to it!

There should be three cute or romantic ones, three that turn you on, three that you think will turn the other person on and lastly three that are videos or sets of gifs (the moving pictures) that you think would be hot to edge him to.

You can either do this beforehand or lie in bed together and do it at the same time, but no looking at the results on the shared blog until you both agree (if you struggle to find that many it’s fine).

For ideas on blogs to browse through try clicking on the links to posts I’ve reblogged from, or use tumblr search to see what comes up (make sure you’ve turned the ‘Not suitable for work’ filter (a little padlock) off! Or I’ve got a growing list on my recommended blogs and links page

If he finishes first, or you’ve both done your 12, before you review them, time for him to ‘warm you up’.

Then once you’re ready, bring him back up, and uncage (or not if you’re on Full Lockdown) him and play with him as you review the posts you both made. Once you’re done you can search for some more together if you fancy it, or just cage him up, and then have him go down on you while you find some more posts to add to the blog for him to see later and enjoy cumming!

That’s it for today, a nice simple one I hope. I do encourage you to set up your secret tumblr as it’s a wonderful resource. If you’ve already followed this advice in the past maybe spend some time tonight going over old posts you’ve made together as well as the new ones, that would be fun!

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