Locktober 2017 – Day 23

Exercising our fantasy muscles

I hope as you’ve gone through this Locktober process it’s helped you talk better about what you enjoy, try some new things and develop that intimacy which chastity, when done right, works so well to create.

One of the ongoing challenges with any kinky is to keep being creative, and that doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Our imaginations are like muscles, that need to be worked and worked hard to grow and improve.

One of the ways we find this easiest is by using images and then having to describe the scenario around it.

Porn pics are fine if you find the right ones, but I prefer to use drawn images, they’re somehow easier to build a story around

Some good sites for this include:





willfullydenied.tumblr.com has some great hentai pictures among the other reblogs from this chastity exploring couple

Even just try search tumblr for something like this:


Also of course, check out my archive of images and see what tickles your fancy:


Set him the task of posting a bunch of images to your secret shared tumblr and having him tell you about the fantasies, and you can make them up too. What’s more you can add your own images for him to have to tell you about. 

Do this while you tease him, in or out of the cage depending how you’re playing these last few days, and then of course, as he pleasures you.

It’s a lot of fun! And remember, these are fantasies, it’s really okay to let your imagination go and explore what different things turn you on as a couple. It doesn’t mean you want it in real life, it’s about letting your imagination grow and get better at figuring out what turns your partner on!

Maybe suggest other tumblr sites to find good pictures for creating fantasies in the notes!

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