Locktober 2017 – Day 20

Looking ahead

So, today you need to talk to each other (I know, shocking right?) because you have a decision to make. Tomorrow marks ten days until the end of the Locktober.

Full Lockdown

Yeah, you don’t get an option, awwww, poor you! Ten more days!

Depending on how you found the five-day lock up you can decide just how you want to handle those ten days. I can think of three options:

  1. Another complete lock up with no release for the full ten days
  2. A ‘strict lock up’ which means he’s in the cage except for when you occasionally want him out at night to edge or play with him – and most (or all) of those he should be restrained.
  3. A relaxed denial where he’s caged some of the time but it’s pretty casual

For those new to this the last option is totally fine! But whichever you go for, talk it through and discuss why, it’s good to communicate!.

Now a possible twist might be that you offer different rewards for each option if he picks them… for example to go full lock up he might get a ruin, for the strict option, a few edges, and for the easy option, well he just gets to go down on you tonight!

Also take the opportunity to talk about what’s been good, and maybe there are things you want to try in these last ten days that it’s worth discussing now, and that might even require toys bought now so you can try it. It can all get a bit freestyle from here!

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