Locktober 2017 – Day 12

The Lock Up!

So, as warned, today we’re going to start an extended lock-up of five days. Now I know for some who are really into denial that’s nothing, but for us and the way we do it, and to anyone newish to this, five days is a long time!

The way we usually do this, as you’ve seen, is while hubby may have a cage on for lots of the time for weeks… he’s regularly coming out for teasing and edging and just nights or days off as part of that.

The idea for these five days is no release, at all. Once that cage clicks shut today it won’t be opened again until Monday (yes I know, four nights, five days whatever!)

Now for some of you who either have badly fitting cages or for other reasons like not wearing it to work it may be that you can’t do the five days straight and that’s fine, you just want to wear them as much as possible with no touching in between on an honour system.

Likewise if you have a plastic cage you may have to take it off for a rinse and freshen up at the mid point, although a power shower jetted into the cage plus lots of shower gel should be able to carry you through (a cotton bud to dry it out on the inside is helpful, I’ve heard).

So why are we doing this extended lock up? Well firstly, for curiosity. A big part of the chastity fantasy is about really long lock-up times with no release at all. This is a taste of that. It gives you and him a chance to explore how that feels and what effects it has on him.

Secondly, if you’ve been doing this every day then serious congratulations to you! It’s been pretty full on, and this gives us keyholders a bit of downtime.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be doing things with you, just, we won’t have a cock to tease as it’ll be all safely locked away!

Tonight’s plan

So tonight is pretty simple.

Once in bed get him to give you a warm up (I hope you’re still remembering to make him do that!) and then restrain him.

Time for a nice final tease. Use your mouth, lubed hands, and your pussy as you wish. I particularly encourage you to try grinding on him. This is best done with a vibe too so that he can watch you rub his cock back and forth between your pussy lips and you cum while all he can is watch.

If you feel self-conscious about that then blindfolding him is a great solution, and very sexy too.

Once you’ve cum a few times go back to edging him with your hand and then talk about how it’s been, but also about the fact you’re now going to lock him up for five days. This may be news to him or you may have mentioned it before.

Some starter questions to discuss:

How does the idea of your cock locked up for nearly a week without any release make you feel?

  • Should I do this, you want me to lock you up for this long? (I’m pretty sure he will but this is good to reassure you!)
  • What if you’re desperate, or beg to be let out, should I ignore you unless you use a safeword?
  • What should I make you do while you’re locked up?
  • What would you like as a reward once I let you out if you make it all five days?
  • And what if, once we got to the fifth day, I decided I liked having you locked up and just kept you that way, would that be hot?

And then, tease him right to the edge but be very careful not to let him go over today, we want him as horny as possible with full balls even as the five days starts. Don’t be tempted to ruin him or let him cum today!

Then, stop, tell him that’s it, and wait for him to go down and if at all possible, YOU lock him up.

You should take the key, and if there’s a spare key, make sure you have that too.

If he needs the spare key for emergencies simply seal it in a little envelope so you can tell if he got to it.

Please note, these things aren’t just to make sure he’s not cheating, although it does that. The main reason is it’s really hot for you to take away any option for him to cheat!

And so it begins!

Full Lockdown 

You’ve been like this already for 12 days, clever you! Revisit some of the content from Locktober already and have some fun with it together.

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