Locktober 2016 – Day 28

So we’ll continue the theme of plugging today if you have one, but it’s going to be combined with that I think is key in any relationship, a date night!

We didn’t have date nights routinely until a few years into having kids, when friends told us to get them sorted or we’d never get any romantic time. They were right!

So today’s a chance to have another date night. See the impact of this time of chastity exploration has had as he takes charge of the evening. Food, something to do together, a movie or something else you both enjoy.

And as I said, add caging and ideally butt plugging to the mix to see what effect that has had.

Tonight in bed the focus should be about you, but I’d suggest if you are letting him out, a good edging to get him really horny for tomorrow would go down well.

Because tomorrow, we’re going to try pegging!


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