Locktober 2016 – Day 25

I hope your lock up continues to go well!

He probably thought he might be getting out tonight if he didn’t manage your criteria from yesterday…. he isn’t! lol

A bit of an adaptation on a previous post today. You tried, I hope successfully, to give him a caged orgasm last week. Tonight we’re going to try edging him in the cage!


The same options apply as before really – use a vibe on the cage, use a vibe on his prostate or a toy in there! But this time, no cumming.

If you haven’t watched the video I posted yesterday, let me really encourage you to check it out. It’s utterly fascinating. And while not anything attractive, just treat it as a bit of a biology lesson on just what a man’s body is capable of, because omg, he’s having his mind blown:


And of course, don’t forget he’s to pleasure you however you want. That’s the focus now, that’s the point. Enjoy!

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