Locktober 2016 – Day 2 The interrogation…

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…

I hope all went well with Day 1. Feedback is incredibly welcome, either in notes or a message!

A major challenge for most relationships is communication, so today we’re going to use the a delightful side effect of edging to help us with that. The side effect is that the hornier and closer you get your man to cumming, the easier it is for him to tell you stuff he normally wouldn’t.

Day 2 is going to follow in a similar pattern to yesterday. Get him to ‘warm you up’, then restrain him, remove the cage and edge him. If you don’t have restraints, or fancy a change, you can always just make him lie on his hands (and threaten to recage him if they come out at all).

Now he’s hopefully a bit hornier we’re going to use that to have a fun little interrogation. However, I have to precede that with a warning, you HAVE TO BE COOL with the answers he gives. You are elicting them under a kind of pleasure torture – his defences are down. Even if he says something you don’t like or is a huge turn off, just LET IT GO. You are tapping into his fantasies, and a lot of them are just that, a fantasy, the whole point of which is it’s not something that can or should happen in real life.

If you react negatively to anything it can REALLY set you back. So instead, you can just be neutral, ‘that’s interesting’, ‘I see, I didn’t know that!’ kind of thing. And if he asks you what you think you can just say ‘that’s good to know’ or ‘I’ll keep that in mind’. Just, stay neutral, nothing negative, okay?

What’s been interesting for me in the past when I’ve done this with hubby is just giving him the chance to voice a few fantasies he’d never told me actually acted like taking the lid off a pressure cooker and stopped him thinking about them so much. So even in the telling there’s a lot of positives.

So my point is, you do not have to DO all the things that come up from questioning like this, you are in charge and it happens the way you want it to. But it’s very good to know where he’s coming from and maybe become more open to some of them. For example with me I had no desire to peg him at all (use a strap-on on him) but he’d told me he liked the idea, I knew he’d played there himself in the past, and then, when we did try it and I made him cum from it it was amazing. Suddenly I thought, ‘oh my god, I’ve found another way to give my hubby pleasure and to make him cum, that’s awesome!’

As I said, the key to this is the closer he is to the edge and the longer you’ve been doing it, the more honest he will be. Don’t tell him the plan is to question him until you’ve got him right on the edge, then say something like, ‘Right, now to find out what you really want and think!’.

Then you keep teasing and playing as you talk. Here are some suggested questions

  1. How is being caged making you feel about me?
  2. Are you more concerned I’ll be too mean, or not mean enough?
  3. If you had to choose, would you rather be caged for a week, or a month?
  4. How long do you imagine being kept in the cage without being allowed out at all?
  5. When we get to your ‘cum day’ does the thought of me changing my mind and keeping you locked longer excite you?
  6. What sexual  things do you want to do to me, or have me do, that we don’t do now?
  7. What would you like us to do more of with you caged or teased?
  8. Is there anything I might do to you that excites, but also scares you?

And then to finish, this is quite fun. Say something like:

‘Well done answering everything so truthfully, what would you like as your reward, a ruined orgasm, a full orgasm, another edge or whatever I want?’

(If he says anything but the ‘anything you want’ you say , ‘Wrong answer darling, we’ll stop there, and get you back in your cage’. For the last answer, do what you want! Play more or stop, but no cumming of any kind.)

That’s it for today, well done!

Advance warning…

Heads up for tomorrow, he’s staying caged and it’s all going to be focused on him pleasuring you. In fact, advance warning for early risers, demand an orgasm from him before you get up to start the day! You’ll be getting one later too


Did you get any surprise answers? What was the sexiest thing he said? How is his horniness already? I’d love to know! Reblog with a note or send me a message!

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