Locktober 2016 – Day 13

So today the task is pretty simple, turn him on as much as possible and reinforce he has four days left in that cage before he gets any release.

I’ll leave it to you to pick which combination of these, plus any you think of, will work best:

  • plug his butt- not just at bed time, but when he gets home, or even earlier in the day if he’s used to it! Make him wear it and whisper to him, ‘I love your arse being stuffed for me, I bet it makes your balls even fuller!
  • send him texts to turn him on, tell him how horny him being caged makes you, let him know you’re masturbating thinking about it (do it or just pretend, either is hot), say that him being caged so long really makes you want to tell your friends because you’re so proud, send him sexy pictures of yourself if you like doing that.
  • use your shared blog, tell him to find you pictures on a certain theme that you know will turn him on, or just ‘post pictures that make your cock ache in your cage’
  • set him a task of ‘finding some porn that we can enjoy together later’

When you get to bed you then follow up with the ideas from earlier, review the blog posts, watch the porn together and any mix of him being teased or pleasuring you, just remember, the cage stays on and you should cum, a lot!

One fun twist on the porn idea is going to http://www.youporn.com/categories/ and get the other person to pick categories they are most interested in and then choose a video to watch, or laugh at in some cases 😛 It can be quite interesting to find out what type turns him on most, if you want to know…

Tomorrow is Pamper Night – Yay!!! So tell him today, he is responsible for a nice meal for the two of you tomorrow evening, take out or eat out or him cooking. Plus you’ll be enjoying a nice bath run by him so he could get you some nice bits and pieces during the day, or even some flowers!

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