Sexual Frustration

The sexual frustration that comes from losing control of your cock is the result of being kept in a prolonged state of intense sexual arousal. This can come in the form of a single night’s cock stroking to the tease and denial games of a masturbatrix… or a series of sessions spanning days or even weeks of long term orgasm denial that may include regular cock stroking with no release, or no masturbation at all – forced male chastity.

The objective is to tease and manipulate the slave to the very edge of orgasm and ride it for as long as the masturbatrix decides… hovering in that intensely sensitive, euphoric state a man enters just before he cums, and enjoying it far longer than one would if the act of masturbation. 

Relief can only come with an orgasm, and denial of that will end in nothing but pain in the form of what’s commonly known as “blue balls”. 

Another possible ending other than blue balls is what’s called a “ruined orgasm”, where the man is allowed to cum but as the orgasm arrives – absolutely no touching – and thus robbing him of the full enjoyment of his climax, leaving him feeling finished, but unfulfilled… and since he didn’t really get what he wanted – also left feeling very submissive and used.

So, I’m not a dominatrix, I’m never going to be. I’m loving being switchy with hubby and how the cock cage makes me feel empowered and sexy, however taking control all the time just ain’t my thing. 

But there’s a word in here that I totally LOVE:


That’s SO hot, that’s totally what I’ve become! My hubby, who used to masturbate quite a lot before we discovered chastity play, now NEVER does, I am in control of it all (unless he’s doing it for me of course). And I’m adoring spending long evenings stroking him and then usually denying him or perhaps ruining him.

Damn, I’ve become a Masturbatrix! And I love it!

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