How to pass Airport Security Locked in a Castity Device

You have been instructed to fly locked, now what are you going to do?  

The TSA has plainly stated that chastity devices ARE ALLOWED.  you will NOT be removed from a flight because you are wearing one.  No TSA agent will demand to cut your tiny little dick off in order for you to make your scheduled departure.  TSA agents are professional and discreet, they’re just trying to do their job.

To begin you should proceed through the TSA security check procedure as you normally would, without raising any red flags. If you get flagged by the scanner in your groin area, simply tell the TSA agent that you are “wearing body jewelry.”  Do NOT drop your pants in public for them to look at you.

They might have to do a “pat down inspection” in a private secluded area. Remember to keep your pants on. They will check by feel and then might have to swab you for trace particles, you know explosives or the like. That is standard procedure so don’t panic. Be polite and calm with them, as they want to finish their job so they can get back in line to work.

When locked in a Chastity Device – Remember:

  1. Proceed through security as you normally would
  2. Do not raise any red flags, on your own, before entering the scanner
  3. Don’t be combative with the TSA agents
  4. Use the phrase “I’m wearing a piece of body jewelry”
  5. Do not volunteer for a private inspection, wait for them to request one, you just might pass
  6. Keep your pants on while in private, TSA agents don’t care what your device looks like, unless they ask.

I thought this was a jokey caption at first but it’s actually proper advice, cool!

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