Completely ruining the orgasm, ideas?

  • Let go as soon as orgasm starts
  • Let go earlier than above after edging lots to get a tiny dribble each time
  • Let go then block with thumb/palm
  • Edge until its not fun then really early ruining
  • Pegs on balls for 10 minutes while edging (at least 3 pegs) ruin it normally but take all pegs off fast as soon as i let go
  • An hour or more of porn with massive frustration, then very slow ruined orgasm(s) usiing one finger on the back of the head or slow rubbing on head. no other stimulation.
  • An hour or more of porn followed by 3-5 *extremely* fast ruined orgasms until dry
  • post orgasm torture? Or 3-5 ruined orgasms with post orgasm torture but no orgasm
  • Lots of porn followed by dry towelling torture until super sensitive then dry orgasm with foreskin held back. towelling every 2 minutes to dry and torture. Possibly ruined too.
  • Ruined orgasm by any method with tin foil scrunched over head during dribbles.
  • Use numb cream on the penis head 10 minutes before touching him

Can anyone else think of some particularly nasty, evil and frustrating ways to “cum” minimizing the enjoyment as much as possible. It should leave him disappointed, frustrated, possibly horny and desperate afterwards.

Nice selection! 

I think my favourite thing with ruins is denying my husband long and hard enough that even though he doesn’t want to be ruined, he starts to crave it because it’s all I might let him have.

And then of course, how about promising a ruin and then denying him that too!

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