Cheating and Chastity

Most men won’t tell women the truth, but the truth is most men will cheat if given the right situation. Chastity is a great solution.

However, if a man agrees to this, he must understand something. Once in place, the dynamic of the relationship will develop around this, the woman will grow to love it and feel more secure when the man has it on. So it is likely that she will want chastity as a permanent part of the relationship.

Also, once a man is locked up for a few months, it is not possible for him to come out. This is because, if he had a wondering eye and tendency to cheat before chastity, he will really have a wondering eye and want to cheat more once released from chastity. It is like letting a person out of prison. They go crazy with the freedom.

So, chastity will clear up many problems and make the man a better person. However, men should understand, that once you they go down this road, there may be no way to go back.

For the first time in my life I want to go to a Strip Club! Yep, can you imagine how much fun it would be to take him to a Strip Club, with a tight little cage on?! All the guys would think I was the coolest wife ever when in reality it would be torture. Gosh, it might even merit one of those spiked cages…

Maybe I’d buy him a lapdance to just make it perfect. And yes, of course I’d tell her, she might as well have some fun too…

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