Using roleplay in your denial games

This is something I haven’t really talked about before, but this pic reminded me. As you know if you read the blog, I’m not a very dominant woman. However I am definitely learning to enjoy being meaner with hubby because I know it turns him on too.

One thing we’ve done a few times that REALLY helps is some form of gentle roleplay, and the medical one above is the classic one for denial I guess.

All you really need is a pair of rubber gloves, that ‘snap’ sound is so good! You should definitely restrain him, and then get into character! Start using his surname, introduce yourself..

‘Hello Mr Smith, I’m nurse Jenny. I’ll be administering your treatment this evening’

Then it can go where you want it really. Ideas include…

  • wanking him to the edge repeatedly on the premise of filling his balls to get a big ‘sperm sample’
  • ruining him to ‘drain him’, doing it repeatedly until he’s running dry
  • ideal for prostate massage too, you have gloves on! Giving him a prostate massage with a finger or a toy until he is ruined or cums
  • catch his cum in a plastic cup and say he needs the nutrients in it
  • measure him or compare him to toys and use it for penis size teasing
  • just extreme edging and then caging him again ‘as he isn’t allowed to self administer’

I’m sure you can come up with more. Maybe watch some videos (I searched pornhub for ‘nurse handjob’ like this one:

and while that uniform is fabulous, you really don’t need one (although I totally want!!!) – just the gloves is enough if you’re trying it out.

I guess another roleplay would be a teacher or a doctor, or I’m sure you could come up with something for a policewoman (been a bad boy!) or cowgirl (milking time) lol. I think the point of them is you can take on a persona and it just makes it a bit easier to be meaner and therefore hotter. Try it out, let me know how you get on!

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