Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are, finally got a chastity device and told my wife about it, I showed her your page and she loves it. I can’t stop thinking about it the most I have been locked for is 24 h. Any advice on how to persuade her to do it longer? I think she is worry about me being locked at work and around friends. Any advice would be amazing. Thanks

Awww thank you so much! That’s fabulous!

I think the main advice is keep having fun with it and she’ll want you in it more, be careful not to push it too hard at first. Hubby and I just tried it a few times while we were in bed, then we tried a day at home, then a day and a night, and then a few days including him being away from home. He’ll take an emergency key with him sometimes (just stick it in an envelope or pour some wax on it he’d have to break off) but often doesn’t nowadays.

The message we care most about is how it makes you think about us and want us all day. Don’t get me wrong, having his cock in a cage is hot too but it’s the idea that it focuses you on us that is really powerful. So just encourage her with that and let it grow naturally.

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