Just to let you know that we will participate in Locktober as well. I really like your site, it is clear that you and your husband do this for fun, enjoy the games and know that there is love between you even when you *need* to be mean. I have two questions: a) do you know any similar sites in Spanish? b) you mentioned a few times that you have kids – have there ever been awkward moments & questions (e.g. seeing the cage in the shower)? If so, how did you react?

Thank you, I’m just finishing the introduction and first post right now! That’s exactly what we’re trying for so I’m glad that all comes across!

a. No, lo siento

b. And nope, hubby’s pretty careful about locking the door when caged as we wouldn’t want to embarrass them. But if it did happen he’d just laugh it off as playing games with mum I’m sure.

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