It had been the proposal she’d always dreamed of. Romantic, surprising, the ring was beautiful.

So that evening it was her turn, she’d promised once she had his ring on her finger she’d finally be intimate with him. It was more than he could have hoped for. 

She insisted he be tied up, just to make sure he wasn’t naughty. He loved that. Stripping down to her panties she kissed him all over, licking and sucking his cock, getting him so close.

And then she stopped, fetching the device from her bag she explained just how seriously she took her virginity. That she wanted them to enjoy being intimate but she couldn’t risk them going too far. That just how the ring on her finger showed she was his, the cage on his cock showed that he was hers.

Slowly she worked him inside the small cock cage as she promised to let him out, at least once a month, while he was tied up. She didn’t want him masturbating, he could just focus on looking forward to how good her hands and mouth would feel on those special times together.

In the meantime, he could learn how to use his hands and mouth on her.

“I’ll let you have the key on our wedding night,” she whispered as she clicked the lock shut. “If you’re lucky.”

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