Okay so this is something to do early on that I found hilarious and really quite revealing, helpful I guess.

You have to have had him caged a day or two at least for this, with some intense teasing, and you also need to have perfected the art of edging him.

So he’ll be restrained, and you take his cage off, and just start the session as you might any tease or restrained wank.

But then as he get closer, you say ‘I think this might be a good time for you to answer some questions…’

Watch his face… it’s very funny.

My favourite questions have been

  • what do you really want to do to me right now? (umm I then let him out and he did it… not quite the plan but so hot!)
  • what are your favourite fantasies?
  • how often do you masturbate, where, how?
  • what porn do you watch?
  • how long do you fantasise about me keeping you locked up in this cage?
  • what do you really want me to do while you’re denied?
  • which of my friends would you fuck if you were were allowed?
  • what would you do to her?
  • what question do you most hope i don’t ask (lol – evil)

A serious health warning with this though, you may find out some things you don’t want to know. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask! Make sure you only ask things that the answers should excite you.

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