In the beginning..

Welcome to our blog, this is our first post and I just wntaed to explain what this is for.

A few months ago my husband surprised me by suggesting we cage his cock. I didn’t really understand why and was shocked at first but its turned into something very exciting for us both.

The reason we’ve started this blog is because a lot of the things we find on tumblr about chastity and tease and denial either focus very much on the man being submissive, which my husband certainly isn’t, or for really stupid amounts of time, which neither of us really enjoy much.

Actually my husband is pretty dominant in the bedroom and out of it, so the things I’d seen about caging a cock before didn’t really fit well in my head about it but we’ve found it can work really well even in that dynamic.

So we’re going to try and share some of our thoughts on how this has worked for us and try and repost some of the best things we find on tumblr that fit in with how we think.

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