I’m sure my sister suspects what I do to my husband, as I wear the key around my neck. But I’m not sure if I should risk opening up to her, she is very open minded and probably won’t judge, but once the secret is out it’s out. Anyone had any experience of telling people?

Well they do say that the only real secret is something only one person knows… but I shared it with my best friend and that went well.


I guess the key issues are will she be okay with it, and in fact more than that, will she enjoy hearing about it, at your best guess. And then of course are you very confident she’ll keep it secret. Then finally, will it arouse hubby, have you talked about it before and know he’d be into it if you did it.

One nice idea to test it out, is PRETEND you do it. Send it by text when you’re meeting with her, ‘Sis just asked about the key…think I should tell her?’ Then build up a role play make him super horny thinking you’re doing it.

Then when you get home, and see just how turned on he is from it, you tell him you were only teasing, but seeing how much he liked it, you’ll do it for real soon.

The interesting developments for us is that my friend has really opened up about discussing sex with me, it’s been really great, giving her some advice that she’s tried and seen work. 

It’s also been really hot for us. She came over for the evening last week and beforehand I edged hubby SO hard and locked him up again just before she arrived. Then I had him make us drinks all evening, and as she drank more she opened up again, and I finally got her to quiz him about it! I’d prompt her with things to ask when he next came in, it was so fun. Questions like how does it make him feel, what’s it make him want to do, how is it for him her knowing about it. Then last of all I let her choose what reward he’d get for sharing! We talked about the options in front of him, really, just crazily hot. She picked a ruined orgasm – good choice lol

I have a couple of fantasies about it I keep thinking about. The first is giving her the keys sometime… neither of us being able to unlock him. That’d be so hot.

I’m sure we’ll do that at some point. The other though, is probably best just kept a fantasy – it’s the idea of her asking to see it… maybe even combining both, her keeping the key unless he does. But the whole look on both their faces in that scenario, is a very sexy fantasy 🙂

So yes, it’s been great fun for us, and if you trust your sister to keep it secret and hubby’s up for it, then I’d definitely recommend it.

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