I’m into chastity. My girlfriend not so much. She takes Part and it turns her on, but she is not really taking control. Whenever I complain about she immediatly asks me if she should unlock it. My question really is should i just stop complaining? It is Kind of the fun for me to feel her amusement.I love it when she smiles while being mean to me. But i cannot act like i feel because it will stop everything on the spot and she will unlock me because she is affraid that i will be angry with her.

Easy solution to this I think. You have to explain to her part of the fun is complaining and asking to be let out, but her saying ‘no’. That you dont’ REALLY mean it when you do it.

And the way you can make her feel safe about this is setting up safewords, if you say YELLOW then you really are uncomfortable or struggling, if you say RED then it all stops and you get sorted out.

The point of this she needs to get is with denial and chastity, during playing, WHEN YOU DON’T USE A SAFEWORD YOU DON’T REALLY MEAN IT.

This may take a few times where she responds to a complaint and you say, ‘hold on, did I use a safeword? So do I really mean it?’ ‘No’ ‘Good girl…’

But she’ll get it pretty soon.

Alternatively get her to message me and I’ll help her enjoy treating you way worse than you ever imagined 😉 lol

Be careful what you wish for!

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