I use to be very sexist pig. Always dominant. Always talking and thinking just about sex. Like 24/7. I even made my girlfriend ” anal only “. Once she suggested chastity. I was curious to try it out. Since then. She is still ” anal only ” but she made me into ” chastity only “. She likes to humiliate me and tease me anywhere and anytime. Now ? Im just allowed to watch her play with her dildos and lick her pussy. And if Im good boy. She let me worship her feet. Best thing that happend in my life

What an interesting ask, thanks for sharing!! Intriguing she’s stayed anal only though, I guess she must like that! Although perhaps if she got a nice thick King Cock she’d want that back in her pussy. Don’t worry you can wear the strap on and just stay caged. No need to take you out at all!

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