I have to disagree with you. You recently wrote how your husband was lucky to have a wife strong enough to withhold his orgasms. In reality, your desire to fulfill your kink is strong enough for you to deny your husband the pleasure of his orgasms. It is obvious that he would prefer to cum, but he allows you to deny him. You have pushed him to a state where he has given up on pussy. Control and denial are different. You could control him and pleasure him. It is your kink that wants him denied!



Sure. I like to tease and deny my husband. We’re honest about that. It turns me on like I can’t explain to see my husband desperate but unable to cum. When I get that turned on, the natural progression is that I want to cum, so I do. I know the natural progression is the same for him, that of course he would like to cum when he’s that turned on too, but that’s the whole catch 22 for him, isn’t it? I like to not let him cum, so he doesn’t. He loves my control over his orgasms, so he IS lucky. If he didn’t love it, he would have left me way back when we were still dating. If you know our story, he started it. He gave me this control, and now I own it.

He is also lucky because how many guys get sexed up by their wives on an almost daily basis. Some guys are lucky to get action once a week, once a month, or worse. My man gets action almost every single day. That’s thanks to me, and I think he’s grateful to me for that. He always tells me he is, and he shows me his love in so many ways too. I feel it. We’re happy. Don’t judge.

Listen to the Lady. She knows what she’s talking about.

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