I completely lost control of my senses while pleasuring my Wife last weekend. My Wife had to stop me as I had started to make her sore with how frantic I had become and she was totally shocked by the state I was in. It wasn’t a nice experience, it was almost like a bad drug trip when I came back down, I was shaking, had a terrible headache and felt ridiculously tired. Have you heard anything about this sort of thing happening and do you have any advice?

Wow, cage it in tiger! Actually, I don’t think this is much to worry about, it’s just the two of you learning to read the signs that you’re getting over excited. The challenge for her is to be able to, and even possibly enjoy telling you ‘enough’. She’ll be able to see it better than you can. 

I deal with this a few ways, sometimes I just leave hubby caged and let him ache. Twice I’ve actually tied his hands up above the bed (if you haven’t got a bed restraint system then you’re seriously missing out on fun for both of you…  Then just left him like that (well one time I actually took the cage of and made it worse, but I’m a meanie apparently!). A new game we tried recently was I got tied up (just like the old days sigh…) and he had to tease and edge me till I cracked and told him where the key was. At which point he then unlocked his cock and had his way with me… SO hot!

Anyway, sorry, getting distracted, back to you! It sounds like maybe you need some ruining to alleviate the mental and physical pressure in between your releases. Then again, there could be something medical going on so if you do experience it again it’d definitely be worth asking the doctor if it’s high blood pressure or something.

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