Huge fan! Definitely got us into enjoying October in a different way. Just wondering what you guys do on period week?

Thanks so much! Well, originally when I was the one being denied, hubby used it as an excuse to go ‘anal only’ which drove me crazy and… yeah I kind of loved – trust me I was as surprised as anyone.

Nowadays when it’s me getting the lion’s share of the orgasms I tend to use it as an excuse just to keep him locked up, and maybe get my feet rubbed! I’m on contraceptives that mean it’s usually very light so I’m only out of action for 2-3 days. 

So on the whole I’d recommend you use it as an excuse to be unfair and mean and keep him locked up – there’s something remarkably satisfying about a guy suffering because of a period lol I have made it worse by making him spend time finding hot tumblr things for me to look at when I’m feeling more up for it, knowing it’ll make him ache even more. 

Gosh I am getting mean aren’t I.

Oh, and I’m not averse to teasing him with my bottom, ‘Remember when you just use to fuck here on my period darling? Wouldn’t that feel so nice now? How ironic your tongue gives it more attention than your cock..’ kind of thing 😀

Jane xxx

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