How to edge him

I’ve talked about ruining an orgasm but haven’t actually discussed the practicalities of what we do much more, which is edging. So that’s playing with him and masturbating him right to the edge of orgasm but NOT letting him cum.

Along with teasing this is the basic trick with caging him. Most days he’s wearing the cage I’ll remove it and edge him, once, if not twice. Maybe a quick one in the morning (often not even a real edge just playing with him) and then something intense in the evening (which might be one edge or lots in a row!)

We can go longer without letting him out, I’ve kept him locked up for three days without relesae, but he just getting annoyed by then and that’s no fun. 

Another good reason for this is to keep it clean. We’ll often use morning uncagings as an opportunity for him to shower for example. So I’ll take it off him, a quick play, then he’ll go and shower and take it with him to wash it. I don’t really care if he plays with his cock there as long as he doesn’t cum.

So yeah, I know, it’s all boring and practical but welcome to real life 😛

The real trick with edging is know how to get him as close as possible without him orgasming! If you play around with denial yourself you’ll know that feeling of edging – of being so close to orgasm but just holding back. There’s nothing like it… But it’s all well and good doing it to yourself, you know how close you are. This is the challenge when doing it to him.

Here are some tips:

  • Make him tell you how close he is! Kind of obvious, but let him tell you when to slow down, when to stop, keep talking to him, ask him how it feels, what is best. You’ll soon get the hang of it.
  • Feel for his body tensing – him holding his breath, arching his back or tensing are all signs he’s getting close, learn to read the signs and don’t worry if you go over, you’re learning!
  • Move from strong to soft strokes, and from the shaft to the tip – you kind of want to get him to the edge as fast as possible so you can spend more time at that point, so for me it’s lots of lubes and fast but not too tight strokes, and then as he gets closer, move to a looser grip and then focusing on the head and frenulem (the strip underneath the head at the top where they’re most sensitive).
  • Make it his HIS fault if he cums. So firstly, if he does cum, you ruin it, you stop rubbing as soon as he climaxes. OR if he’s tied down you turn it into post orgasm torture where you use his cum as lube to keep rubbing his cock and say things like, ‘You’re so naughty, I didn’t say you could cum!’

When you DO make him cum then make that part of the tease too. When you plan to make him cum it’s a great time to practice edging! Just use it as an opportunity to see just how crazy you can make him where you’re not worrying about finally taking him over.

Oh and you can add a mean element with this line, ‘If you can hold on for five minutes I won’t ruin you when you cum, okay baby?’

Mind fuck.


Walk the line, dance on the line, but don’t fall over (or there’ll be a big mess!)

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