How often do you make hubby lick up his cum? And how does he feel about it? I’m curious about the mindfuck — the “you can cum if you lick it up” situation.

In reality much less than I threaten to, because that’s the fun bit. I love telling him I’m going to make him do it, I’d do that once or twice a week maybe. Actually once he’s cum and he doesn’t want to, I don’t tend to either. But I feel like I should sometimes just so the threat is real. It tends to be when we’re playing a game, seeing how much cum he can produce in a shot glass for example, then I’ll have him drink it. Sometimes if he ruins accidentally and it goes on my hand I’ll put my cummy fingers in his mouth while telling him off though.

Or the other more likely time is if he’s fucking me and pulls out to ruin his orgasm on my pussy (oh god that’s so hot) then I’ll absolutely push him back down to make me cum at the same time as licking it up.

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