How often do you let your husband out of his chastity cage?

Well that depends…

We seem to have a ‘standard’ routine less and less! I don’t keep him caged all the time, although that’s not as true as it was. Remember our focus (despite the blog name) is orgasm denial and having fun, and the cage is a wonderful aid to that, but sometimes I like him out of it, even if it’s just to add a bit of variety!

However, we’ve had a long period of denial recently, for which he was caged maybe 80% of the time, and honestly, a few days after letting him cum and keeping him out of it, I wanted him back in!

The difference is still remarkably noticeable. When he’s out of it, and not denied he’s less attentive, less focused on my needs, not as helpful around the house or with the kids, and simply not as horny! He’ll stay up late and be less bothered about coming to bed. But like magic, tease, deny and cage him and he’s back in bed, he’s excited, happy, wanting to make me cum lots! We’ll still like it varied but… he loves it, I love it, why wouldn’t I lock him up more?

I expect there will be times in the future that one or both of us don’t fancy it as much, but right now, we’re both loving it, and I think I’ve finally shrugged off my last reservations and just realised him in a cock cage is truly win win for us both!

I used to let him out of the cage to shower but since we got the new metal one that’s not necessary, so really the main unlocks are for our daily teasing sessions. And they still are most days unless it’s a deliberate extended ‘lock up’. I think it’s an essential part of how we do it. Chastity is not about me ignoring him, in fact he gets more attention than ever. I rub, I suck I fuck, just…he doesn’t cum! Sometimes I’ll leave him unlocked overnight but it’s hotter to lock him back up as the end of a tease session on the whole, especially if I do it. I like to do it when he’s not completely flaccid so there’s a feeling of forcing his cock into the cage, hot!

The other time I used to let him out was for exercise, but actually I’ve stopped that unless he asks. He admitted that despite being a minor annoyance, when he runs with the cage on, it actually stimulates him a little, which for some reason I find really hot. How much better is it that he’s out running instead of wanking! OMG, I love it! Plus during the extended denial we just finished I ‘encouraged’ him to go exercise so he could ‘fuck me even longer with the strap on’ and implied he wouldn’t be getting out of the cage unless he did. I’m not into the ‘do the chores or you won’t get out’ but the exercise threat was kinda sexy (and very effective!). Maybe it’s a more manly thing to be saying ‘go get fit so you can fuck me harder’ and that’s why I was okay with it.

So in short, I let him out every day, but only for teasing, and I’m wanting him in it more and more besides that!

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