Hi! Your blog is super hot! Two questions: 1) do you ever post images of yourself on the blog? Would love to see the sexy woman behind the curtain. 2) Do you and your hubby ever engage in cuckold fantasies? It seems like the next natural step from denial and small penis humiliation. Lastly I just want to say what a huge turning it is that you deny your hubby but make (let?) him watch big dick and cumshot porn. Hot, Respectfully,

Hi thanks.


And nope.


Okay actually let me rant a bit. Cuckolding is gross. The idea that any kind of loving relationship would involve a third person like that is beyond my comprehension. I CAN understand it makes a hot fantasy but I don’t even want to go there. And the problem a lot of you guys have is when you try to show your women that chastity etc can be hot it’s presented along with stuff like cuckolding and sissification that are HUGE turn offs to most women. So try not to get carried away.

Plus I do small penis teasing, not humiliation. One is hot in the moment, the other is emotionally damaging. Big difference.

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