Hi! Your blog is great. I’m into chastity and have recently revealed this to my wife. I’m very active and run regularly but really want to find a cage that I can feel sure isn’t going to make me have to stop a run mid way thru because it’s rubbing me raw. Have you read any reviews by runners or other active people with a recommendation?

I haven’t particularly but hubby is the one who did much more research. He said that any well fitted cage should do but you’ll be better off with a solid ring device such as the expensive ‘Jailbird’ ones or the cheaper chinese types such as the one my hubby wears I wrote about the other day.

The real key is wearing nice tight underpants with it and using a good silicon lube to minimise friction. We don’t want this happening, do we…

And also build up to it, don’t expect to run a marathon with a new cage on, it’ll take time for your body to adjust.

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