Hi, you seem pretty experience so I was wondering, what’s the purpose of giving ur husband a ruined orgasm if you’re going to let him cum anyway. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of all that chasity if his build up is wasted? Thanks and sexy blog btw ;)

Hi, well, we’re still learning but having a lot of fun doing it!

So most of the ruined orgasms I give hubby are accidents, when he goes over the edge and he wasn’t supposed to. So instead of giving him a full orgasm I stop stimulating and he cums but it isn’t satisfying and leaves him much much hornier than a full orgasm would.

But I also do it on purpose sometimes, but build up to it more. And the reason for that is it’s just hot… to make him squirt his cum out but keep him horny. I’ve even done it straight into his mouth for a really kinky twist (hey, he expects ME to be on the receiving end, regularly! lol). What’s really hot is to JUST take him over the edge so it runs out rather than squirts. For some reason I have in my head that’s a true ruin!

So I wouldn’t do it if I intended to give him a full orgasm that day, for example, although you CAN do a ruined orgasm and then a full one afterwards if he’ll stay hard. But if we were doing a longer denial I might ruin him a few times before a final build up towards an orgasm.

Then again, if he’s expecting an orgasm I might just decide to ruin it right at the last moment because he secretly loves me being mean and fucking with him like that (works best when he’s tied up!!! lol) and it means he stays all horny, yay!

She nailed it…and is very happy about it!

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