Hi, Practical questions! Is hubby wearing the CB 24/7 at the moment? Do you let him out to clean it or do it for him? Any special technique for putting it on? Which metal ones have you got? You got 1 recently? That’ll do for now – loving your blog.

No he’s wearing a metal cage kind of 24/5ish? This one:

He got it from China, not sure which site. Is it Aliexpress or something?

So he’s more in than out but we’re not hardcore about it. 

The plastic ones need regular cleaning, so while he can go and kind of power shower it out while wearing it, we tend to just unlock him when he goes to the shower. 

The metal one though, is a different story. He can wash that properly keeping it on so he doesn’t get let out for cleaning, just play!

The only trick putting this on is to use lube. Lube around his balls to get him into the ring, and lube on his cock to slide the cage bit down (which is the bit I do, I’m not going to try pull his balls through a ring! lol ) And yes, if you don’t lube him/the cage then it gets stuck a bit trying to fit him in.

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