Hi, not a question just saying goodbye. I came across your blog about post-orgasm torment/ forced multiple male orgasm (really good by the way). One of the draws for us was your assertion that this was just a fun addition to an otherwise common sex life, that you were not at all about FLR/Femdom lifestyle. You should spend time going over your archive from the beginning and you will see it is exactly the direction you’re moving, this is of no interest to us so we will say goodbye and good luck.

Thank you, very interesting to hear that. What are the key things you’d say suggest that, it’s always hard to see that perspective from the inside. While we’ve embraced chastity play far more than we expected I think we’d both say we have a strong inherent dislike of FLR. I was considering just this week writing something about that even though I guess many of our readers won’t like hearing that. So your observations are very valued.

Warm regards, Jane

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