Hi, my wife and I have tried chastity a few times but are yet to fall in love with it. Her concerns are the absence of sexual spontaneity and degradation of me as a sex symbol. My concerns are the CB6000s is not great for long-term wear, and I don’t receive enough tease and denial to keep it really interesting. I am still keen on the idea, and think the benefits are real.. but investing in a the custom metal cage I want is currently not a practical option. Any advice?

Chastity’s not for everyone, but for us it’s been a fun, sexy and very invigorating exploration. I can get the worries your wife has but I think that’s all up to what you both want out of it. For us ultimately it’s all adding more sex toys that we can play with, whether that’s cock cages or strap ons or whatever. And most of all the intimacy we’ve seen through using the cage – because of the shared secret and how horny it makes him, well it’s been amazing. Hence why I want to tell everyone about it.

The CB-6000 definitely isn’t great for long term wear, as I always say, we found it brilliant as a first device so that we could play with all the different sizing etc and get that sorted. Also for me I like the look of his completely encased cock pressed against the clear plastic and so still use it on him. But for hygiene and long term comfort a metal cage is the way to go, without doubt.

We’ve never had a custom cage and I’m sure there are benefits, but honestly with the great metal cages coming on the market from China now – which we have three of, I’m not sure how the price can be justified. 

Have a look at our cage reviews page to see the one we mostly use, it’s only about £20 and it’s brilliant!


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