Hi Mistress. I love your blog and tips. I want my wife to put me in chastity. Any tips on how I can initiate it? Thanxxxx EvA

Well, that’s a big question. From your blog you have a LOT of kinks and I guess the question is does she know about any of them? If she does then a cage might not be a big leap, if not, then umm, as a woman most of the stuff you are into would have me running away screaming, sorry… just being honest. So the big issue is GO SLOW.

So, just generally how to get your wife interested, what worked for us was just looking at some sex toys together on Lovehoney and him flicking across to cock cages as we bought a few things and saying ‘So, this might be a bit crazy but I always wondered what one of these would be like?’ And no more pressure than that really. I had never even thought about it before but thought it might be fun to try.

He DIDN’T get me looking through tumblr at lots of cock cage pictures – that’s a BAD idea. Yes some of them are hot, especially now I’m into it but MOST OF THEM are terrifying to someone coming to it new. 

So just frame it as ‘want to try this toy?’ and have some fun with it and then maybe, just MAYBE show her this blog if you think she’s ready.

I’d be very happy to chat to her, or any other wives in fact, if you’re thinking ‘what the hell is this all about?!!!’ then just know I was in pretty much the same posiiton till recently and now have a lot of fun with it, so yeah, feel free to message me on here – it’s totally anonymous but you do need to have made an account, and I can see if I can help.

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