Hi Jane. I am becoming a big fan of your blog. It is hot, and you are a very kinky lady. Lucky husband. A couple of questions, if you don’t mind? Do you ever attach a chain or lead to his cage and lead him around by it? And do you like applying gags and blindfolds to your husband? Thanks.

Thank you, and I think I’m a very lucky wife too!

I don’t attach a chain to his cage although the image is quite amusing. But I know he’d just give me a ‘Are you shitting me?’ look!

Gags and blindfolds are a different matter though. I love blindfolding him sometimes (it’s most amusing when I’ve put some porn on so he can only hear, lol). And also we use it practically to give me more confidence when doing things like 69 where otherwise I worry about ‘the view’. 

Gags, not so much, a few times when we did post orgasm torture and for a few roleplays. I prefer to wear them to be honest! I love the powerlessness it can make me feel when he’s taking charge.

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