HI Jane. Hope you are well. Like your posts today. You seem very frisky today. Are you building to something fun? How is your stint until Christmas going? Your poor husband – your teasing is brutal :) And how are you doing? I am pretty sure you will be enjoying yourself. Regards Ross

Hi Ross!

I’m often frisky 😛 The run to Christmas is going very well. We tried out the ‘only out at weekends’ pattern after Locktober and kind of to my surprise, it’s been wonderful! It’s taken the pressure off me a bit (I don’t want to be making decisions all the time so him being in during the week by default works for us), but if I’m in the mood I take him out to play. But the default being he stays locked and I get licked to orgasm is just so great.

Earlier in the year we established that him cumming maybe once every two weeks worked well so even when he got out at weekends half the time I’ve not let him cum, just a ruin, or nothing, both of which was very hot. What’s great is it gives you an expectation to play with every weekend… will I let him out, will I let him cum, will I ruin him. It gives regular opportunities to have some fun with it but it not be a constant pressure.

We’re planning with some friends a competition for the New Year, which is very exciting! I’m not sure what we’ll be doing over Christmas yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fun!

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