Hi. I saw you say hubby is allows to have sex with you with a strap on, and sometimes you even like DP via cock and strap on. I’m considering putting a strap on on my hubby, but I’m not sure I’ll be in the moody after seeing it. It just seems so ridiculous looking. Any tips?

Turn off the lights? Close your eyes?

But seriously, I think the thing is, you need to see it as a sex toy, because that’s all it is, it just is located handily where you can fuck it. I suppose having two cocks out does look a bit silly, but personally the big dildo (without balls, which do add to it being odd, it’s true) plus him neatly locked underneath it I think looks super hot. So yeah, maybe focus on doing it with him locked up at first, then you only have one penis to deal with (which, let’s admit, are silly looking things in the first place…)

Also, different positions will vary the experience. In missionary, sure you have to look at it (but you get the bonus of eye contact), but in doggy position it’s all about how it feels. And for me that’s been quite the revelation, as honestly, I don’t think doggy style is great unless the guy is big, because until we got the extender I didn’t know what the fuss was about. Oh now I know!

And trust me, the moment we actually start using it I’m not thinking about how it looks… just how it feels!

Remember to only get a strap on that goes around the thighs, not just an understrap, which I guess is designed for women to wear who don’t have cocks to get in the way.

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