Hi! I read your Locktober posts, some great ideas there! Now personally I found the surprise ending suuuper hot. But thinking on the practicality of it, it was a somewhat of a “breach of contract” to put those three choices… I mean I don’t know what sort of rules you both agreed beforehand, but at least for me if my wife tried to unilaterally extend 1 month to almost 3, that would have awarded a serious talk afterward! Haha Did you talk at all about it afterwards? Love the blog!!

You mean this final locktober post I assume.

Firstly, it wasn’t unilaterally, he had the choice lol 

Secondly, more importantly, there is no ‘contract’ – the deal is I make the rules, and I can change them and mess with them and even lie as long as I think it’s going to turn him on even more.

But lastly, and most importantly, just because I said it doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. It’s all about the moment, about how it makes us both feel at the time. I don’t have to be literal or do whatever I say – and this is important because it means I’m free to just have fun with it and really push boundaries with where we go with it all. If I feel like I’m entering a fucking contract every time I say I’ll do anything I’d never get off the starting block!

Might this approach lead to you guys sometimes getting disappointed ‘but you said you’d lock me up till Christmas’ – sure, but suck it up. That’s far better than nothing happening in the first place.

So no, no contract, no obligation, if you want us to really go for this understand you wear the cage and we make the rules when you do, it’s as simple as that. You just have to trust us to discover and try what is hottest and also let us not get too stressed about it all or it stops being fun at all and just another chore, which nobody wants.

Thinking back the reality for us was I actually only caged him up for two more days I think, just long enough for him to think I might even be serious, lol. And that was perfect! We then went to a nice little routine of five days locked and weekends out which actually worked really well, right up and beyond Christmas.

But it was hot and fun and we both loved it, THAT is what was important.

J xxx

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