Hi. I enjoy your blog. It is very exciting. You are very creative and kinky. And I like how you write. Just thought I would say hi and tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. What was the conclusion to Locktober for you and your husband? Regards Ross

Hi Ross, thank you very much, that’s a very nice message!

We’ve gone for our own variation on the option that let him cum at the end of Locktober. It was quite hard work writing it all as well as doing and as you know I’m more a kinky wife than a domme, so I wanted some time off from having to take the lead.

So what we are trying is him not cumming until Christmas, which is a hot amount of time. it’ll be the longest we’ve done. But  to give me a bit of a break we’re going to try him being locked up during the week, and then out for weekends! We haven’t tried that before. And obviously I’m free to vary it and surprise him some evening if I want! But he’s not allowed to ask during the week. He is in charge of date night on Fridays and can assume he’ll be getting out, and then the rest of the weekend is up to me as to if I let him stay out.

If I’m horny, I just tell him and he’ll make me cum. If I want sex during the week, I give him the strap-on to use!

It’s no ruins too. If he ruins at all he will not be allowed out the following weekend. I really want to see what effect him having no release has over a longer time – how bad do blue balls really get?

I’m looking forward to finding out!

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