Hi – I desperately want to be caged but my wife is not into chastity. I had a urethral surgery a few years ago and ws thinking of pretending that I’m getting sudden pain from erection and that my urologist has ordered me to wear the device to prevent frequent erections. I know my wife would probably go for it,, thoughts?

What? How stupid do you think we are!

She’d only have to google it to know you were lying and then how screwed would you be?

I wasn’t into chastity either, but you know what I was into? Having a husband who is focused on me, fantasising about me, wants more intimacy and is horny and attentive.

When I discovered caging his cock did that I was suddenly VERY interested.

When I discovered it led to the best sex and orgasms we’d had in years, I was hooked.

It’s all about how you broach the subject, and pretending it is a medical device is about the worst thing I can imagine beyond locking it on and yelling ‘SURPRISE! My cock is yours now, Mistress!’ (Yes, I know some of you will have done that too…)

I totally get how desperate you can feel about needing to communicate this, but the only way you will get anywhere near your fantasy becoming reality is by gentle, persistent communication and showing her, not telling her, that you desire greater intimacy.

It sounds for her that it needs to be part of a bigger attempt to build intimacy and greater openness to trying things, and then you can bring in chastity as an element of that. If she’s seen you trying to work harder at the relationship she’s going to be far more receptive to anything else, at which point you need to be brave, sit down and explain what you want, even if it’s just discussing a bit of tease and denial first, see how that goes and then assuming she likes the impact, adding caging to that.

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