Hi, I am a locked up hubby. We still have a great sex life, my wife actually loves riding my cock as much as locking it up. I am allowed to cum at the same time she comes. Not before or after. I really enjoy it. Everything. Then sometimes I think it might be better she’d lock me up longer, it’s kind of paradox. My question would be: Do you think I should approach this, as in asking her to lock me up longer and be stricter on the cumming? Or would that spoil her fun?

Well, there’s no harm in asking! You don’t have to stop the sex though, just you don’t get to cum. Personally I love leaving hubby in his cage while we have sex so if she’s interested then you should get yourselves a strap on and maybe even a big dildo to go with it so it’s a different experience for her. I know I love it! My hubby, desperate and horny and focused on me while I get the ultimate cock to enjoy and make me cum. Definitely win win! lol

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