Hey there. I love your blog, so much in fact that I took the plunge and bought a chastity device. I was wondering if you and your husband had any experience with devices similar to the CB6000s. I bought the device, and thought it would fit, but I could never get it to be just right. It was just ever so slightly too narrow, and the tip of my penis would get ‘stuck’ near the centre of the shaft when it would go from it’s smallest to anything bigger (whether aroused or not). Thanks :)

Well rather than a new cage it sounds like a lubrication problem. So I’d try that before you do anything else. Get a good silicon lube and put some on your willy before you slide the cage on, and add more around the whole base where the ring goes. Because it’s silicon it basically stays slippery for ages and will keep you moving around smoothly in it. Sticking is bad, you don’t want sticking! What you do want is a nice tight fit, so persevere with this for now. 

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